Effective line marking removal in Berrimah

When you need to remove line work for your road project, contact Top End Line Markers in Berrimah for efficient line removal services.

We have a dustless sandblaster, purchased in 2016, which enables us to remove redundant line markings from a range of road projects. Our dustless removal process combined with the skill and precision of our team allows us to achieve a superior finish. We can remove lines, directional signs, safety messages or logos from asphalt, concrete and chip seal surfaces.

Our team believes that blasting is a superior method of removal as opposed to grinding, sealing or blacking out lines. These alternate methods can have negative repercussions on the road surface.

For example, although grinding removes line work thoroughly, it will damage the asphalt in the process, and cannot be used on chip seal surfaces. When choosing a sealing out method, you leave the seal exposed to stripping away from the painted lines in the future. This method is particularly messy on new road surfaces.

Finally, blacking out lines is the least preferred method of removal because the lines and reflective beads will still be visible at night and in wet conditions. This creates a significant safety hazard and leaves conflicting line markings on the road, which can be confusing. Over time the black paint will also fade to expose the original white lines underneath.

If you require effective line removal in the Northern Territory, contact our team.

Line Removals — Line marking in Berrimah, QLD

Dustless Sandblasting

We use a mix of crushed glass and water in our dustless sandblasting a to erase unwanted lines from road surfaces. This mixture does not produce plumes of dust while we work, although there is some scattering of water to a range of 5 metres. This spread is minimised by mesh screens on wheeled frames.

When the paint and blasted mix meet, they will form a thick sludge that can be shovelled into buckets or hosed into kerbs and guttering to be vacuumed up. Any excess water on the surface will run off into road drainage or storm water drains.

Our team uses sediment socks across all side run-off and entry pits to ensure no paint residue or blast media goes into storm water systems. This helps us uphold our commitment to performing environmentally friendly work.

Dustless blasting allows us to remove all paint and beads, while doing minimal damage to asphalt, concrete or chip seal surfaces. It is also an environmentally safe and permanent solution to redundant line work. Once completed, there is no need to revisit the site.