Meet safety requirements with Top End Safety Solutions in Berrimah

At Top End Line Markers, we trust our occupational health and safety to the best in the industry—Top End Safety Solutions. Our companies have worked together for a number of years now and they continue to ensure the safety of all the projects we complete.

Work health and safety (WH&S) is an important factor of any business and having all documents in place is essential. Top End Safety Solutions makes this process easy by providing you with everything you need to ensure you and your business are compliant with all regulations.

With more than 20 years’ industry experience, the team at Top End Safety Solutions maintains the highest level of WH&S. Having completed a range of qualifications in occupational health and safety, their team can pinpoint areas for improvement and assist with the design and implementation of streamlined plans. They utilise OH&S software to help manage your company’s safety requirements. Their work is results driven and has improved our workplace safety significantly.

For more information about safety requirements for your project, contact Ian McMurtrie on 0418 121 987, or visit them online at Top End Safety Solutions.

The Process

Top End Safety solutions uses a 4-step process to maintain quality workplace health and safety for a range of commercial and industrial clients.

  1. Auditing
    The team works to identify the gaps in your business OH&S systems. They will then conduct site-based audits to ensure they can recognise the problems at the project site.

  1. Hazards & risk registers
    At this stage any hazards or risks will be pinpointed and registered as non-compliant. These will be identified with the project and organisation.

  1. Risk assessment
    Risk assessment involves forecasting and evaluating the probability of risk evolving from a hazard that has been identified.

  1. Policies & procedures
    The team will work with you to create and implement appropriate changes to your business or project to ensure it meets OH&S standards. This process can involve reviewing current policies and procedures or can be a point to start from scratch to develop appropriate policies.