Runway markings for air strips in Berrimah

Much like roads, air strip markings allow pilots and airport personnel to reach their destination safely. The specific markings provide guidance to pilots during arrival, departure and taxiing.

At Top End Line Markers, we paint line markings for air strips and runways in accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority—Aerodromes. These regulations ensure that all aerospace markings are consistent, safe and efficient.

We can provide markings for:
• Runways
• Taxiways
• Holding positions

For more information regarding our air strip marking, contact us. We’ll work with you to create an accurate and safe runway zone.

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Runway Markings

Runway markings are always painted in white regardless of whether they are on concrete, asphalt or sealed runway surfaces. Any pre-runway markings including holding positions and taxiways must be made in yellow.

There are 3 classifications for runway markings including visual runways, non-precision runways and precision runways. Each of these classifications has an associated level of marking. For example, the visual runways are marked with the runway number and a dashed runway centreline.

Non-precision runway markings are similar to visual runways as they feature a number and dashed runway centreline. They will also have threshold markings before the runway number, which are broad white stripes located on either side of the centreline. Threshold markings identify the beginning of the runway that is available and suitable for landing.

Precision runway markings have the same threshold markings and runway number as non-precision runways however, they also feature touchdown zone markers that identify the touchdown zone for landing operations. They also feature runway designators which include a letter and number that determine approach direction.

The team at Top End Line Markers will work to your air strip project plans and ensure that all lines are marked correctly. This ensures the safety and efficiency of air strip operations.