Street furniture & safety solutions in Berrimah

At Top End Line Markers, we’ve been working on the roads and parkways of the Northern Territory for more than 30 years.

After 25 years in business, we decided that our services weren’t complete, and identified the need for other services to compliment the line marking side of the business. To address this need we expanded to incorporate a range of services designed to better assign you, our client.

We have partnered with 2 companies who assist us in providing street furniture and safety solutions to our client’s projects. By partnering with these teams, we can provide a comprehensive service that meets all of our client’s needs. Plus, you get to take advantage of the skills, experience and knowledge from a range of industry professionals.

We make sure you work with the best in the industry. Get in touch to discuss your project requirements and see how our team, along with our partners, can meet and exceed your expectations.

NT Specialist Supplies is all about supplying Territorian’s with effective outdoor furnishings. They stock everything you need to make a comfortable and organised environment in public spaces.

Park furniture, shelters, speed bumps, picnic tables, sports field equipment and bench seating, are just some of the products they can source and supply. NT Specialist Supplies are not distributers and acquire all new and known products from a range of companies across Australia.

Top End Safety Solutions is dedicated to the workplace health and safety of Northern Territory businesses and projects alike. They work to identify and mitigate risks quickly and efficiently to ensure no potential hazards are left unnoticed.

The team works directly with businesses to improve procedures and policies regarding occupational health and safety. They also identify significant risks within projects and will work to improve your process, and will ensure you meet all OH&S requirements.